Professor Ćuk’s Power Electronics
LIVE ON-LINE Worldwide Masterclasses

Professor Ćuk’s LIVE ONLINE Masterclasses in Power Electronics using ZOOM platform are now offered for the first time to worldwide audience!

These courses are offered ONLY as LIVE broadcasts using ZOOM platform! The videotaping of the LIVE courses by the audience or anyone else are NOT authorized!


Basic Course 1: Topologies, Magnetics, Control and Switches!

The courses will be broadcast live each day to registered attendees from 8am to 12 am California time.

Advanced Course 2: New Switching Methods, Novel Converter Topologies, New Magnetics Components and Innovative Regulation Methods!

The courses will be broadcast live each day to registered attendees from 8am to 12am California time.


The courses are offered during two CONSECUTIVE weeks in quarter breaks at major universities to allow students attending universities for regular classes to also take both courses. Each course will consist of 20 hours LIVE lectures given over one-week period with courses at universities offering 2 lecture hours per week over 20 weeks period of two quarters! The key difference is much accelerated delivery over two weeks period instead of 20 weeks!

First two courses are scheduled for: Sept 21, 2020 to Oct. 2, 2020!

Now the two courses are much expanded version of previous in-person classes with additional course material. They are also spread over the more relaxed two weeks delivery time to promote the absorption of the enormous material presented! See you all at the LIVE ON-LINE Power Electronics classes!


Each attendee will receive certificate signed by Professor Ćuk.


Enough time will be provided each day to absorb the material taught previous day and to allow for asking the probing questions next day and for audience participation via live video or using Chat forum! This is serving like office hours at the universities but involving everyone attending the class!
The lectures are enhanced by lecturer’s use of stylus pen to provide immediate feedback via circuit drawings on the screen for detailed explanations.

The courses will be broadcast live each day to registered attendees from 8am to 12am California time zone, that is USA Pacific time zone!

The above daily schedule makes possible for Power Electronics enthusiasts worldwide to attend classes despite even up to 12 hours delayed time in other areas of the world such as North, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand as well as other countries.


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Group discounts ( for companies, universities or engineers signing as one group) registering 5 or more attendees.

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Discount for past Masterclass attendees and people that ordered a set of 4 books.

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Either of two courses can be taken separately for following reasons:

  • Having time conflicts preventing attendance in two consecutive weeks.
  • Wanting to reduce the cost or prefer to take one course at a time.
    Obviously, the fee for each course is then 50% of the fees for two-week course!

Professor Ćuk’s LIVE ON-LINE Worldwide Power Electronics Masterclass Basic Course:

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Individual discounts for students, faculty, senior citizens, PhD holders and immigrants in US.

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Professor Ćuk’s LIVE ON-LINE Worldwide Power Electronics Masterclass Advanced Course:

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Course notes (in color) and additional documents used in courses listed below, will be available in the special cloud storage exclusively reserved for course attendees. Additional documents will include the following: selected presentations, articles, patents, relevant LinkedIn discussions, selected video clips from past masterclasses and invited talks, Prof. Ćuk’s You Tube channel, and live simulation of the selected converters!


The very intensive 2-weeks course demands prior preparations! It is highly recommended for attendees to review four-volumes Power Electronics books published by Prof. Ćuk. Discount of 50% below.

You can download Chapter 1 of Volume 1 Here.

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This is a Masterclass by Professor Slobodan Ćuk based on his 50 years of teaching, research and innovations in Power Electronics. Prof. Cuk will bridge the gap between classical power conversion technology and latest switching methods, topologies, magnetics, and control using state-of-the-art MOSFET, GaN, and SiC switching devices.

Lecturer: Professor Slobodan Ćuk

Slobodan Ćuk
Late Prof. Middlebrook founded in 1970 second Power Electronics academic research program in United States at Caltech which I joined in 1974. Now there are over 100 universities in US alone having one or more Professors of Power Electronics. I will be sharing my 50 years’ experience in innovation, research and teaching of Power Electronics including my latest inventions in this historic Masterclass!



Three Courses in One

  • Topologies, Magnetics, Control and Switches!

All classical converters, those listed above plus bridge type and LLC converters will be covered along with related FIVE transformer types and the regulation and control based on general State-Space Averaging Method.

  • New Switching Methods, Novel Converter Topologies, New Magnetics Components and Innovative Regulation Methods!

Three new Switching Methods are the backbones of the number of related new topologies, novel magnetics structures and optimum control strategies for much reduced losses, size and cost while providing transient performance not available even with 12 multi-stage buck converters.

  • Simulation Course!

Simulation primer how to effectively use commercial simulation programs with my enhancements to avoid usual convergence, accuracy and long simulation times. Simulations throughout the course of a number of innovative topologies for DC-DC conversion, AC-DC conversion, will facilitate their adoption!

Masterclass Agenda

The overview of the classical switching converter topologies, magnetics and control methods are introduced with the objective to pinpoint the both the limitations and the deficiencies of the present power conversion methods magnetics and topologies. Then the new Hybrid and Storageless Switching Methods are introduced along with the related new converter topologies and new magnetics structures (hybrid transformer) for applications such as:

    • Fast On-Board Charger for Fully Electric Vehicles (FEV).
    • Power Supply on a Chip (PwrC) for microprocessors.
    • Solar-cells step-up converter for 2V to 400V.
    • DC-AC inverters for variable speed drive for Electric Vehicles.
    • AC-DC PFC converters with Isolation in single stage.
    • High Voltage DC Transmissions and other advanced topics

    Video Demonstrations and Computer Simulations

    The presentations will be enhanced with video demonstration of many switching converters and the magnetic properties of transformers and inductors using unique 1MHz BH loop tester (see enclosed two videos)

    Demonstration of the double-valued characteristic of B vs. H of magnetic material.

    Effect of air gap in magnetic core on reduction of inductance.

    Implementation of Faraday’s transformer principles in creating galvanic isolation in the Ćuk Converter.

    Switching Methods and Topologies

    The description and presentation of classical converter topologies which is in new course greatly updated to explain their deficiencies leading to the need for three fundamentally new switching methods. They, in turn, result in related novel converter topologies and most important in much reduced size of magnetics components transformers and inductors even at 100kHz switching. The bonus is the dramatic improvement of the utilization of all switching devices (much reduced voltage and current stresses) for not only MOSFETs but GaN and SiC devices as well!

    Magnetics Explanations and Demonstrations

    The key problem of understanding transformers and inductors as used in switching converters is the inability to “see” the fluxes in magnetic components and how the high permeability of magnetic materials like ferrites, with their BH loop characteristics, translates into flux vs current characteristics of the magnetics devices, which can be not only “seen” but measured as well! This is facilitated by a specially designed BH loop tester with 1MHz bandwidth and two scopes correlating the time domain waveforms of flux and current on one scope with their XY coordinates displays on second scope in which time is eliminated displaying the corresponding effect of BH loop material characteristics.

    Modelling and Analysis of Converters

    Ćukbuck 2: Key waveforms of Ćuk new converter which steps down 48 V to 1 V at 100 A for VRD drives.

    PWM-Resonant converter: First true power supply on a chip (PwrC); two resonant inductors are just 4mm copper-traces at 50 kHz switching.

    Input and output currents illustrating PWM voltage regulation at constant switching frequency and variable duty ratio.

    Since its introduction in 1976 in Dr. Ćuk’s doctoral thesis many attempts were made much later to modify State-Space Averaging Method already introduced!? Obviously, they all failed, as all shortcuts without scientific base do fail! This is evident especially now as this method is extended not only to new switching methods, but also to solving convergence problems and long simulation times of all present simulation programs. This will be also demonstrated with simulations of several new converter topologies.

    Power Electronics Books

    Reviewing four volume book series on Power Electronics before coming to the course is highly recommended. It will enable easier understand of many new concepts that will be presented as they are based on the fundamentals presented in these books. It is recommended that the enclosed article (Chapt 1 of Vol1) is studied before coming to course  This article TOPOLOGIES, MAGNETICS AND CONTROL was written in 1978 specifically for the first 1981 edition. As a review article it was never published as technical article but it has stood nevertheless the test of the time.

    Highlights from March 2019 In-Person Masterclass

    This In-Person Masterclass at UCI Irvine Campus is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, it will be reinstated as soon as the conditions allow! From that point on it will continue as In-Person Class which will be also concurrently available LIVE ON-LINE to those who register.

  • Group Photo

    Every hourly break had many attendees eager to ask additional questions and take photos?
    Very happy crowd indeed and the teacher too!

    This was the most engaged group I had consisting of several attendees with doctorates in Power Electronics and others with long and extensive industrial experience. Young undergraduate and graduate Power Electronics students of Professor Smedley at UC Irvine as well as my Caltech undergraduate students of 30 years ago complemented the experience.

    Each received a Certificate: pictured Dr. Logoglu from Turkey company Aselsan!

    Special mention of 4 engineers from Continental Automotive from Romania and Father & Son team from Germany and Father & Daughter team from India.

    Lunch breaks in front of the Atrium were blessed with the warm California sunshine, while the drinks were served I the Atrium of CaliT2 Innovation center every hour.>/p>

    Masterclass in Action

    When in-class courses resume they will follow the same schedule of two weeks of continuous lectures of 4 hours per day from 8am to 12am California Pacific Zone time. This will allow the registered worldwide audience to join to the same classes every day!


  • Description of Past Courses Attended by Over 5,000 Engineers Worldwide