Slobodan Ćuk

Slobodan Ćuk I am Yugoslav/Serbian who came to United States as an immigrant on flight from Belgrade, Yugoslavia to San Francisco on February 29, 1972 sponsored by NASA. NASA first supported at Santa Clara my MS thesis: "Stability Investigations of the Spinning Skylab" and my 2-year doctorate at Caltech in 1974. This latter work is now part of the new Volume 4: "State Space Averaging and Cuk converters" which also includes three US Cuk converter patents.

All four volumes form foundation for my novel switching methods and new converter topologies slated for forthcoming Volume 5 "Power Electronics: A New Beginning" and later volumes. I founded TESLAco in 1979. TESLAco developed jointly with Honeywell hybrid Cuk converter modules for NASA's ORION spacecraft and many other advanced products designs. In December 2014 ORION made a successful maiden flight and is slated for landing of man on Mars by year 2030.

More information on my research, writings and books can be found on along with link to my You Tube channel. For more than 40 years I was giving courses in Power Electronics which were been attended by over 4,000 novice and expert engineers worldwide. My research work has already brought a number of key innovations. More is to come...

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